Bosques Energeticos EBE S.A. de C.V.

Bosques Energeticos is a leading Mexican biodiesel innovator and producer. Its philosophy is to innovate, sustain and empower so that second generation biodiesel feedstock may be produced in a scalable and reliable manner.

Through its research and development, since its establishment in late 2009, Bosques Energeticos has accomplished several firsts in Mexico and the region:

It was the first company to germinate pongamia seeds in Mexico and the region; it was the first to root successfully pongamia scions in Mexico and the region; and it was the first to have pongamia flowering within two and a half years of planting compared with the normal time of five to six years; and then in less than 2 years in Mexico and the region, and possibly worldwide.

It has developed advanced generation four jatropha which commences yielding seeds in as early as six months compared to up to two years for normal jatropha. In addition, its generation four jatropha exhibits high yields. It is also non-toxic as a result of which its cake can and is being used for animal feed (higher value) as well as fertilizer.

Bosques Energeticos is innovating and leading the use of intercropping and mixed cropping to build sustainable second generation biodiesel feed crop supplies. Intercropping and mixed cropping improve economics and reduces risk. Bosques Energeticos use of estate farming involves improvement of land and investment in local labour.

Bosques Energeticos’ success has been externally recognised. In December 2014, the leading biofuels journal, “Biofuels Digest” recognised Bosque’s progress and success. See here.

Bosques currently has 18 ha under cultivation, with 2,000 pongamia trees 6,000 jatropha plants. Having proven its techniques on its test plantation, Bosques continues to explore ways in which to commercialise its innovations in Mexico and further afield, including potentially in East and South East Asia and in Africa. In addition to exploiting the biodiesel properties, Bosques is also looking to exploit the soil improving and reforestation properties of pongamia.

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