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As an AIM traded company, Legendary Investments PLC it is not required to comply with the UK Corporate Governance Code. However, the Board is committed to complying with best corporate governance practice as set out in the Quoted Companies Alliance Corporate Governance Code for Small and Medium Sized Companies where appropriate, given the size of the Company. This includes evaluating directors’ performance, the management of the Company, and ensuring that it maintains full and effective control over appropriate strategic, financial, operational and compliance issues.

There is no separate Audit, Remuneration or Nomination Committee as the Board considers that, given its current size, all members of the Board should participate in those roles and responsibilities normally reserved for such committees. Therefore, the full Board of Directors provides a forum for reporting by the Company’s external auditors.

Model Code for Dealing

The Company has adopted a model code for dealings in shares by directors and senior employees, which is appropriate for an AIM company. The Directors comply with Rule 21 of the AIM Rules relating to directors’ dealings and the EU Market Abuse Regulation and make all reasonable steps to ensure compliance.

Board and Directors

The Board comprises an Executive Chairman and an Executive Director. The Directors work together throughout the year. The Board meets formally, as required but at least four times a year. At each scheduled meeting of the Board, the Directors report on the Company’s operations. All Directors are subject to re-election by shareholders at the first opportunity after their appointment. All Directors are required to retire by rotation and up to one third of the Board is required to seek re-election each year. Recommendations on new appointments to the Board are made by individual directors and are discussed at Board meetings.

Company Secretary

The Company Secretary is responsible for maintaining the Company’s registers, other than the register of members which is maintained by the registrar, and for the Company complying with its filing requirements at Companies House. The Company Secretary is also available to provide additional assistance to the directors on specific request.

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